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I am new to FCP X and Motion 5 and am seeking advice as to best practices for setting up files for repeated use that can also offer a few updatable segments for individual projects.


In short, I am creating online news presentaions that will contain video, stills and audio. I would like to create intros and closing credit files (including theme music) that can be easily added to a project that can also have the ability to quickly add/modify headline text. I am looking to have four such categories ... one for local government news, general news, feature stories and sports coverage.


Currently I have been copying and pasting these portions from previous projects. I'm thinking it may be easier to create them in Motion 5 as a generator. Though, I'm not sure the generator would include the theme music.


Any insight as to proper efficient workflow and best practices would be helpful.

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    In Motion, group the elements you reuse over and over, name the group something meaningful and then go into the Inspector > Library and select Favorites. Drag the group from the layers list into the Favorites view pane. You will always have access to those pieces from Favorites.



    In FCPX, make a compound clip from the segments you want to save. That very act will save a copy of those "grouped" clips into an Event of your choosing. You might want to create a specific Event to hold the segments you need easy access to.

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    Thanks fox ... sounds like a great idea.


    I hadn't thought o using a compund clip. That could be very functional.


    I only adopted FCP X for my video editing a few months ago ... and Motion 5 only a couple of weeks ago ...


    So much to learn ... so little time ...