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Is there a way to convert Applework’s “Clip and Click Art” application files, -  AW5 Clippings, Click Art, and MacGallery - from Snow Leopard, to use in Mavericks on a new mac?


Apparently the big problem is the software’s “com.apple.appleworks.document” kind of files with .cwk extensions.


The other “com.apple.appleworks.pict” files can be opened in Photoshop, in SnowLeopard, be saved there, and then opened only in Photoshop in Mavericks,  but they are no longer adjustable and flexible, as they are in Appleworks.. Also there’s sometimes a message about QuickDraw in lines, dots, numbers and symbols.


I’ve tried converting to different file formats, svg, tiff, png …to 32 bit in Preview….no luck. I’ve run out of ideas!


Other clipart programs I've tried so far are not nearly as quick, easy, adaptable or as good.


Any suggestions how to keep this piece of Appleworks software working with Mavericks?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1), iMac 10.6.8