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I bought an iPhone 5 from Walmart, and it did not have a SIM card, but worked fine.  My Sleep/Wake button was acting up so I went to the local Apple Store and it was under warranty, so I got a new one.  They went to switch out the SIM card, and was surprised there wasn't one there.  They told me to call Starigh Talk to activate it.  Straight Talk said it will take about 2 hours to program.  It hasn't worked yet.  I'm thinking that Apple had an unlocked phone that they gave me and I need a Straight Talk SIM card.  I don't think Apple or Straight Talk is right here.  Does this make sense?  The phone I bought from Walmart isn't an unlocked phone, but a Striaght Talk phone even though it doesn't come with a SIM card, and now I have an unlocked phone so I need a SIM card? 



iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3