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Today when I opened ITunes on my desktop computer, I received a message that a new version was available.  I went through the standard download procedure that I have done many times before with no problem.


However just before the installer finished, an error message was displayed “Service Apple Mobile Device (Apple Mobile Device) failed to start.  Verify you have sufficient system privileges to start system services”.

If it makes a difference, I do not have an Apple Mobile Device.

Three options were available “Abort”, “Retry”, or “Ignore”.  I tried “Retry” a few times, then “Ignore” a few times, then finally chose “Abort”.

“ITunes was not installed correctly.  Please reinstall iTunes.  Error 7 (Windows error 193)”.


I tried reinstalling, rebooting my computer.  No luck.

Entered my email address when I downloaded the same installation program.

Now the installation program gives me 2 choices “Repair” or “Remove”.  I tried running “Repair” a couple times, but still get the same “Windows error 193” message.

I am afraid to “Remove” because I wonder if it will wipeout all of the songs I have downloaded over the past few years.


How can I fix this?

Please tell me my songs cannot be recovered.  Or if they are gone, can I remove my broken Itunes program, reinstall it, then redownload them again at no charge from the iTunes website?

I have not made an iTunes backup for a long time.  However I did not a system backup yesterday.


Thanks so much.

Windows 7