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Hi, I will try and spell this out as simple and clearly for everyone so its simple to understand. I have a habit of over complicating things!


So I am a DJ and I organise all my music on Itunes so it automatically transfers to the program that I use to DJ so I can access all my playlists easily when I am out playing.

I had an old macbook and had all my old music and playlists on it. I bought a new Macbook Pro and transfered all my music from my old Mac to the new one and gave my girlfriend the old one. Before I got a chance to even get the old playlists over she somehow managed to delete all the playlists, however all the music was safe.


This was a year ago and yes I was extremely (excuse the language) ****** as those they were playlists generated through about 4 years and was basically how I navigated playing out. This made it nearly impossible to play a structured set and it was impossible for me to manually even try and regain some sort of order with thousands of songs.

Its been about a year now and I have found on my external hard drive files named: iTunes Library 2012-09-20.itl and a few others with simliar dates which would of been when these playlists were still live and kicking.

Now I did phone up apple and was on the phone for 55minutes and proved to be as useful as talking to a bag of sand.

I have transfered the files onto my computer and double clicked them and nothing has happened at all. No playlists whatsoever was restored.


Anyway I did have time machine on my old mac and tried to retain something through that but turns out it deleted everything from my old mac on the external hard drive (Think it was the programme SuperDuper that is the culprit and havent used it since)


ANNNYWAY,,, Is there a possility I would be able to get back my deleted playlists back from my old mac and then put them onto my 'new' Macbook pro? To this day my work still suffers from this as a result and its got to breaking point that I will do anything to get these playlists back without deleting my current ones.


Thanks in advance.

Greatly appreciated any help.