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Dear kind helpers,


To state my problem as clear as possible, I need to be a bit long. Sorry for that.


I registered to a calendar displaying the rugby schedule for the VI nations tournament:

-> http://www.rbs6nations.com/tools/calendars/sixnations-fixtures-6n-all.ics

from the official web site:

-> http://www.rbs6nations.com/en/matchcentre/downloadable_fixture_list.php


The only thing you need to know about this tournament is that it involves 6 teams (hence the name):

- 2 on the continent, then at GMT+1 (France and Italy),

- 4 on the British Isles (Englands, Walles, Scotland and Ireland), then at GMT+0


I think all of these nations have the same summer / winter shifts.


I'm on the continent, Central European Time for the time zone support feature on iCal (OS 10.9.1).

I guess it's GMT+1 plus winter shift at the moment.

I notice the same following problem on my iPod (iOs 5.1.1), sync through iCloud


Here the problem : it seems all the games are in local times !


For instance, a game in the Islands (Scotland, England, ...) appears at 5pm whereas I would like it to appear at 6pm (so the time is correctly displayed for British Isles, not for the continent) / a game on the continent (France or Italy) will appear at 5pm and I'm fine because it's right the correct time in my time zone. I've no idea how a game which takes place on the continent appears in the British Isles :-(


So a few questions :

- am I clear about the problem ?

- is it a problem from iCal or from the subscription itself ?

- in case it's iCal, is there a way to fix the trouble ?


PS : I experienced the same problem with an other subscription a few years ago ; it was also for a european championship schedule across different time zones displayed in the same calendar. This one was discontinued.


Thanks in advance.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)