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Pages 2009 had a very neat trick. You can insert a layout break anywhere on your page and change the column structure. This gave the page layout a great flexibility, e.g. you can have a broad title at the top across the page, followed by a synopsis for an article again across the page, then the article itself in two column form. You can employ the same trick to add a large photo or illustration, then regain the two column format. In layout mode, and in other layout applications such as "InDesign" you employed text boxes to achieve the same effect.

This unique feature is now absent from Pages 5.3, and the only way I can achieve the same effect is to create an one-cell table across the page and fill it with whatever text format you like. Awkward. (Of course, you can link a picture to the text or to the page). If the "Layout Break" feature is buried somewhere in the application, can someone please point me to it? It is not obvious.

While I like the new UI feature of selective inspector, its layout for some functions is far from obvious or logical. You certainly have to do a lot of 'sniffing around' in the new Pages. The overall feeling of this community, I gather, is that we are all looking forward to a "Sensible" Pages 5.

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    Use Pages 09 instead of Pages 5.x. You should still have it in Applications/iWork 09 folder. PAges 5 lacks over 90 features which Pages 09 has. I don't struggles with Pages 5 when I have Pages 09 that works so much better.

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    While Layout Break is gone, you can still change the number of columns mid-document. Columns is now a text property. I've found it a bit difficult to work with, but with practice it may get easier.


    Look at the Text Format pane, Layout tab, Columns.



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    Thank you Jerry,

    Making the number of columns a text function is even neater than being a layout function. One simply selects the text and assign a numberr of columns to it. One operation replaced two. I couldn't find this in HELP. May be I was looking in the wrong place. This was a conceptual jump. SOLVED.

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    I agree it is a better method, but as Apple implemented it it is inferior.


    Apple removed the ability for Layout Breaks to have space before and after as well as margin indents.



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    Talk about giving with one hand, and taking with the other.