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Works fine on my non-retina 2012 Macbook Pro, but my new Retina causes this to happen 


Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Have you upgraded to Mavericks? I cannot re create that glitch, how do you do it?

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    I'm on the latest version of Mavericks running the latest version of FCPX. the timeline was working fine on a multicam clip in a separate libarary then the one show, then froze and crashed. I reopened and this started happening. I've had FCPX literally since day one and never had an issue this bad.

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    Interesting. I've actually been working on a 2 hour (6 EXDCAMs HD 50 Mb/s) MultiCam Clip synced 32 bit .Wav audio of a Rock Band performance and have not had any issues. I have multicam clips of each song made into compound clips, many transitions and effects and titles in 28 projects exported 3 different ways each. The Library now has grown to be over 190 GB in size.

      Since I am done with this project -but  b4 I delete all except the Master Files - I have been on the FCP X forum trying to re create some of the issues I am reading about. I mean I have been abusing this machine inside this Library, copying things here, alying effect on top of effects, working with color in ways no sane human would - and I can not get this thing to Hiccup except in 2 cases: (1)  I created a new custom name in the inspector for a clip that has been edited. When I go in and type info in that new "category {I named Editor} 9 times out of 10 I will get a beach ball that will not quit until I force quit. It doesn't matter if I do this right after starting FCP or after editing for a couple of hours - (2) when I preview each effect by putting the skimmer on the effect while still in the Effects browse - I am mean each and every effect - all of them one right after another, then my 16 gigs of ram become depleted and everything freezes.

      I have FCP 7 Studio installed on the same machine along with Perian and all kinds of crap I brought over from my old computer. For the life of me I cannot make FCP X act up except in the 2 ways I said - one of which is what anyone would call extreme.

       So I am interested - what do you think is happening in your case? Under what conditions exactly is it occuring? What is your hardware/software profile - I understand that you have been using FCP for over a year. You must have some ideas what is happening?

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    Sounds like the clip and/or project might have been corrupted.


    Unless this is happening for all projects and all libraries…


    Create a test project in a new even within a new library. Import some innouous clip and edit it to the timeline. Let us know whether it behaves.



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    Apologies for the late response, it was across all projects, libraries and events from multiple drives and multiple sources, DSLR, GoPro, Pansonic and Sony AVCHD files. I shut down the computer the other night and the problem has not persisted- weird and unexplainable.