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In the middle of making a detailed, 20 something slide long keynote presentation, the program just crashes and restarts.

The lesson for the day is that if you are working in Mavericks, save, save often & save on an external hard drive.



1. I have never even had a keynote crash on a Mac before Mavericks came along. I use keynote for work, and in the past 3 years, this hasn't been a problem ever for me.


2. This computer costs over 1,400$ and now it can't be trusted to make a simple presentation. If I wanted problems like this, I would have bought a PC.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)
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    You might have luck in the Keynote community. I’ll ask the hosts to move your post there.


    Keynote Community

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    I am running Mavericks 10.9.2 with Keynote version 6.1. Since obtaining this Mac in January the OS and Keynote has never crashed and works reliably; as do most users systems.


    try this repair, if that doesnt work your system is unstable and you should clean install Mavericks.


    repair tasks for Keynote 6.1 ensure you complete all the tasks and in the order shown:



    1  delete all the iWork applications if you have them, not just Keynote by using Appcleaner from Mac Update to      do this, its freeware


    2  restart the Mac;   Apple menu > restart


    3  immediately after the start chime,  press the shift key until you see the Apple symbol.

             let it fully boot up,  it will take longer as the OS is repairing the drive


    4  when fully booted, go to Applications > Utilities > Disc Utility; click on the boot drive  then First Aid tab and      click  repair disc permissions


    5  when complete, restart the Mac normally


    6  install Keynote from the Mac App Store


    Please report back to let us know if this helped.

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    Ok thank you for your well written, professionally worded response, I'll try this and post back an update once it's done.

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    There were several other issues and other programs crashing. Since this is a 1 month old laptop, I took it to the "Geniuses" and they reinstaled Mavericks.

    This seems to have fixed the other problems I was having with the laptop. If it doesn't end up fixing Keynote, then I'll post again here for others.

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    Thanks for posting back, I suspect most problems with Keynote are Mavericks related and not a Keynote issue.