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I have another Wallstreet G3 - it used to run 10.2.8 very well!

I recently tried to upgrade it to a new 32Gb IBM Travelstar hard drive. After I had accomplished the upgrade, when I went to turn on the Wallstreet, there was a soft "rat-ta-tat-tat" or popping noise when I pushed down the power button.

I pulled the new drive out and put the old one back in. The G3 did not make the popping sound, so I tried to boot but I got a blinking floppy. I pulled that drive and tried to boot from a CD with no HD. Nada.

I later bought another G3 and successfully installed the new 32Gb drive and it works good.

Now when I plug the power adapter into the back of the old G3, even before pushing the power button, it makes a loud hum. I've checked the power adapter and it's fine.

Any suggestions on whatever has happened to my original G3?

Many thanks in advance.

Wallstreet, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    The buzz or clicking when pressing the power button after installing the 32GB HD sounds like the known problem of a too-strong magnet in the HD interfering with the magnetic sleep switch. The powerbook thinks its asleep and thus the odd sound. This susceptibility can vary from Wallstreet to Wallstreet, thus the success with the same HD in your other Wallstreet. I mention this scenario since that is the only time I have heard reported that particular sound...replacing the HD in the Wallstreet. It can also manifest in this manner: The Wallstreet works great until the display is closed for the first time (sleep switch is activated); when opening, it will not wake and you get the buzz from the power button.

    I cannot explain why you are currently having these problems after removing the HD. I would try this: Remove all power > press the four power manager reset keys for 30 seconds > connect just the power adapter > press the power button and see if it will start to the flashing '?'.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I removed battery and CD drive. There's no HD in the PB.

    I held reset for 30 seconds. As soon as I plugged the power adapter in the PB started making a sound like an old ceiling fan, something was running and I could feel air coming out of some of its orifices. In addition the power on light glowed bright green.

    This was all before the power switched was pushed, which had no reaction at all.

    I then pulled the power adapter, held it out for a few seconds and then put it back in. No odd sound, no power light. Push power on button, nothing.

    I did 4 key reset again for 10 seconds. Re-insert power adapter. Fan sound and power light came back. Power switch unresponsive. Pull power adapter, replace power adapter. No sound, no light, no response to power switch.

    Perhaps it is time to harvest some very good parts?
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    I think you may be correct...a good parts machine. You may want to try one more test and that is disconnecting the keyboard ribbon cables. The Wallstreet has a reputation for failing keyboards and this can cause a no-start or freezing or shutting down when running. I think probably something else is at work here but is worth a try. Just disconnect, plug in the power adapter, then try powering on.
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    Threw system away.