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3 questions:

1) Can you use an existing RAID (5) array (already formatted, with data stored) from an Xserve RAID as a LUN in Xsan without losing existing data on the array? In other words, does "Initializing" mean formatting/erasing?

2) Metadata - Apple advises to use a dedicated Xserve RAID controller for Metadata. Sometimes a client can't afford to lose storage associated with additional drives under that controller. Where does the performance break even? I've seen some figures that say it really doesn't have significant difference until you reach more than 2 loaded Xserve RAIDs...but who knows.

3) Finally, does anyone know where we can get some figures on stripe breadth/block size allocation strategy? Really, we'd like to know where to find what applications write in what block size....especially for Apple Software (e.g., Final Cut)


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