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I recently bought a MacBook to add to my collection of PCs. I'm able to access the Internet and share files between my Mac without too much trouble. I've been able to connect to my PC drives through the "Connect to Server" option from the Finder. However, it gets old constantly reconnecting to each drive (there's 7 in all) each time I start the computer.

I've noticed that I've only been able to successfully connect to three or four drives at a time. If I try to connect to another drive I receive a prompt for the Workgroup, Name and Password. I enter all of the information correctly and I receive this message:

"Could not connect to the server because the name or password is not correct."

So my questions are (since searching the forums haven't provided a concise answer):

1. Is there a limit to the number of server connections you can actively have at one time?
2. How can I create a script that will automatically connect to each of the networked drives on start up?
3. Do you think the release of Leopard may make such network connections easier?

Thanks for all of your help! Here's what I'm running:

Windows XP Home SP 2
- connected through ethernet cable to router

Mac OS X 10.4.7
- connected through Airport to router

MacBook 2.0Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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    XP has a maximum limit of 10 concurrent connections via SMB.
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    You're not exceeding the number of network connections for a workstation, which is 10 computers, so I don't believe you've hit any limits. I suspect you're running into inherent problems with Mac OS X's implementation of SMB, which I sometimes find flaky.

    See what happens when you take the following code and put it into the Applescript Script Editor found inside the Applications folder:

    mount volume "smb://servername/sharename" as user name userName with password password

    Add a new line of code for each share you're trying to access. Click the Run button to execute the script. If this works then you can save the script as a double-clickable application.

    Hope this helps! bill

    1 GHz Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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    This seemed to be an issue inherent with Tiger. Leopard and Snow Leopard have since rectified these issues.