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Random, Sudden Shutdowns - A redux and other things to rule out first

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  • meat. Calculating status...
    I took my computer back to the Apple store in oakridge, ca. They took it in for repairs, sent it back to Apple. I recieved it back yesterday, and what happened? Yeah. It shut down this morning and had a hard time starting back up again.

    I'm on the phone with Apple, and have been for 40 minutes. I could've driven up to Cupertino by now.

    :: sigh :: I just wanted a computer to use for this semester for school. It would be nice if it actually worked properly.
    13" macbook, eMac, 15" powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • JohnOB1 Calculating status...
    That is the suckything, people are depending on these machines for work and school. (Myself for both) and now I'm going to have to either be without it for a number of days at the start of a school year or go back to my old windows laptop. A NEW MACHINE should not be causing so much trouble.

    Glad I bought the Apple Care... does everyone buy Apple Care? Or am I a crazy person?
    MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • David Rose Level 2 Level 2 (215 points)
    Yes, I have always bought AppleCare, except for my iPod Shuffle... I figure when that goes I will just get the next generation one, whatever that will be...

    G5 2.0 / Macbook 13 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • tomtomMac Calculating status...
    Dave you must be one of the lucky one where the repair actually worked.

    Mine went away for 10 days for repair. Was fine for a week and then started mis-behaving again

    I am not sure that they have identified the issue yet
    MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • mmike70 Level 2 Level 2 (315 points)
    I've never felt the need to get any type of extended warranty on any of my thinkpads (or anything else I've bought) over the last 10 years but this macbook, my first mac, is getting one for sure.
    white macbook 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • karmajohan Calculating status...
    Gote my MB back after two weeks... They replaced the logicboard, and I just experienced my first shutdown... I am really tired of this now!

    I cannot accept another repair, because they don´t know how to fix it... I am calling apple tomorrow to sort this **** out..

    Good luck to all of you experiencing the same issue...
    MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • David Rose Level 2 Level 2 (215 points)
    Have you upated the firmware? I am still wondering if that will help. My "sleep" issues have stopped on their own, at least for now, without the firmware update... I have no idea why... so strange, but I am not complaining!

    G5 2.0 / Macbook 13 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • CntrySigns Calculating status...
    I figured I should add myself to the list as well. I've had my white MacBook for about 2 months before it started happening and at least happy that I'm not the only one. I've done a clean install and not done any of the updates and for the time being I can get some work done. I'm going to send an email to all the Mac related podcasts I listen to and keep my fingers crossed that this is solved before my warentee runs out.

    Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences, we just need to stick together and wait until Apple figures it out.
    MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.6), 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • MacTommy Calculating status...
    Currently Being Moderated
    Aug 20, 2006 8:15 AM (in response to guykuo)
    Hey ho!

    My own MacBook is in 2nd repair because of random shutdowns. The apple-technician I talked to told me some VERY INTERESTING things:
    The problem with MY MacBook is, that the main logic board was damaged by a cable which become overheated by the heat-pipes. The isolation of this cable was melted and a short-circuit was the result. The figured out the problem in the Birmingham-repair-center in another MacBook. It seems to be the only cause of the BIG random shutdown problem.
    NO software-, firmware- or other updates can solve this problem!!!
    The only solution seems to be an apple-mailin-repair or a repair at a service-provider.
    Now I'm looking forward to get my fixed mac back!
    So don't worry and get your MacBook to repair!

    Schöne Grüße

    MacBook white   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
  • pedropablo Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Currently Being Moderated
    Aug 20, 2006 8:40 AM (in response to MacTommy)
    If you have the Random Shutdown Sindrome here are the steps to solve it.

    1. Don't try to solve it, it's not a software problem, the only workaround if you really need to use the computer is the start up pressing the power button for 10 secconds with the 1Ghz lock up procedure.

    2. Get your MacBook to an Apple Store to either get it replaced or get them to replace the Logic Board, which is the faulty culprit.

    3. When yuo have your new Logic Board, before anything you do make sure you have the latest MacBook firmware. It corrects the fan behaviour so your new logic board sensors won't melt with the heat levels permited by the *f8 previous firmware.

    4. Start using your MacBook normally. You will notice a high increase in fan activity every time the processor gets to be use intensivelly. Overall the machin will be cooler than it used to be.

    5. Keep an eye on it, download the CoreDuo Temp and be conciuous of the way your computer behaves.

    In my case, I had Random Shutdowns, replaced Logic Board and upgraded firmware 2 days ago, no random shutdowns and running a much cooler computer now. The technicians at the shop got the Blank screen of silence so they're getting me another logic board because of that just to be sure the Logic Board I get installed is perfect, but the Blank Screen of silence can be easily corrected by zapping the PRAM so meanwhile I'll wait for the next logic board and get it replaced again. But I'm sure the random shutdowns will dissapear with this or the next Logic Board. So far so good, no shutdowns, the computer sleeps by itself or if I close the lid and when it comes back, even if it's really cold, no shut downs.

    MacBook (Week 20, Replaced LogicBoard), White 1.83Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   ... I also own: PowerBook G4, Airport Express, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano
  • Queg Calculating status...
    It has gone beyond random with my machine. The thing that's driving me crazy, far more than the shutdowns, are the restarts. It takes me, min. 5 miuntes every time I try to start up, no matter what I try. I'd like to know if anyone has tried get their money back, or was able to replace it with an iMac, MB Pro,etc. Just wondering, cause these MB seem like lemons, and even replacing it won't restore my confidence.
    MacBook 2Ghz that works when it feels like, Mac OS X (10.4.7), Apple user since 1985 (owner of 5 Macs)
  • werbZA Calculating status...
    Let me start off by saying that I work for an Apple Centre in South Africa... so I see all macs that come in... and most recently macbooks.
    I have a black macbook... standard... no extras... not even bootcamp.
    I bought it on 16 June and it worked brilliantly for about 6 weeks (about 5 weeks out of its 7 day swop-out period) until my first random shutdown (my serial number starts with 4H619).

    At first my macbook just shutdown once every few days.... until i booked in my own computer when it was turning off once every 5~10 minutes and/or kernel panicking when it felt like it (basically every 15 minutes at best).
    A PRAM reset, PMU reset, RAM replacement, battery replacement, system diagnostics have all failed to reveal the problem.

    The first macbook I saw with this problem was around the 23rd of June, when a black macbook... right out of the box had vertical lines across the screen... totally unusable... so the store swopped it out immediately as DOA.

    There is approximately a 2% failure rate of iPods... and I would think round about the same for macbooks... because I have found that since the end of June, the store was receiving about 2~7% of macbooks (all 3 models) with the same problem.

    Once the head of AppleCare Southern Africa came to check on why we were sending back macbooks by the dozen as DOA, and many as logic board faults, I was pleased to show him that this problem was indeed real. After he used my macbook for less than 5 seconds, my book kernel panicked... then I reset the PMU, PRAM and still the same occured... proof enough for major concern.

    At the moment, Apple hasn't released steps on repairing MRSE's (MacBook Random Shutdown Errors). Here is what I received when I sent an e-mail to AppleCare:
    "If there is any known issue Apple will announce the service strategy on their website".

    Right now, we (Apple Centres) are swopping out logic boards like cash. This hasnt totally solved the issue however it is ruining Apple's reputation.

    From what I can see, this new firmware hasnt fixed the problem either... but if you are having this problem you might as well try it... that's what is the general concensus at the store.

    In short... before sending in your macbook for repair, make sure it shuts down at least 3 times on normal power, once or twice on AC power, do a PRAM reset, PMU reset, and if possible, swop out your ram if you have added any.
    Those are the first things Apple does when diagnosing and repairing your macbook.

    In any case, this does seem to be a HUGE problem and I recommend that you hope and pray that your macbook doesnt get any MRSE's... good luck to all you macbook owners... and enjoy them if they work!

    MacBook 2.0GHz 512MB   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    MacBook 2.0GHz 512MB   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
  • karmajohan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just installed the new firmware.... I doubt it will fix it though! This *****...
    MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • rbell Calculating status...
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    Aug 20, 2006 3:57 PM (in response to guykuo)
    So, I was reading this board (from my trusty PC) and just let my MB sit for like 2 days. Then, I decided to give it a try earlier today - worked like a charm! No shut downs. I downloaded all of the software (SMC thing and the Intel security stuff), downloaded CoreDue Temp, played around on iTunes, and it still worked great! I had it on and running for 2.5 hours or so. Then I went to dinner so I decided to give it a try and put it to sleep....

    That's when it happened. The "Random Shutdown" - which, as we've discussed, it not really random, for me it happens at cold starts. CoreDuo Temp read 27 when it came back on and then shut right back off whereas during the 2.5 hours I was using it, it read anywhere from 56-60 the whole time. I didn't have CoreDuo Temp before so I don't know how that affected the temperature overall.

    Anyway, I just did a PMU and PRAM reset to no avail. So, I started her up by holding down the power button for 10 seconds - yah, it works, if I paid for a 1GHz machine! Of course, with the slower speed, the temp is only about 41.

    I guess I'm going to have to call Apple Spain tomorrow to see what they say. I am beginning to question why I bought this machine. =(
    Black MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7), I have the Random Shut Down bug! Yay me!
  • iDave Calculating status...
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    Aug 20, 2006 4:54 PM (in response to rbell)
    I am beginning to question why I bought this machine.<</div>

    No, you know why your purchased your MacBook - send in your MacBook, you'll get it back soon enough (now that Apple seems to know what was going on) and you'll be happy.
    White 2.0 Ghz MacBook
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