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I know how to fix the iTunes 7 / firmware ver. 1.2 freeze problem

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Sep 14, 2006 6:15 PM
Many of you (like me) are having major headaches because of the new updates that Apple has been releasing (i.e. iTunes 7). So far I only know that this affects the Video iPod, but this could very well fix other models too.

Here are some symptoms of what the following will fix, and what you most likely have already done to try and fix it.

- iPod keeps freezing after a few seconds ever since you updated to iTunes 7 and/or iPod software ver. 1.2.
- iPod will remain in Do Not Disconnect mode even after ejecting or disconnecting
- A forced reset does not fix it, as it repeats the above.
- Restoring the iPod through iTunes does not help

So, here's what to do.

The old iPod updater software is how you will fix all of this. Unfortunately, because iTunes 7 thinks that it's better and more up to date, it will prevent you from opening the old version of the software if you still have it on your machine.

So first of all, uninstall iTunes 7.0. (You do not have to remove your library information, just the software.) Restart the computer.

If you still have the old iPod updater, try it and see if it runs. If it does, read on. If not, skip to the next paragraph. So, if it does run, simply hit Restore and you can go back to a previous version of the firmware. I believe that Apple discontinued the firmware page since releasing iTunes 7. Look around some search engines like Google if you really want the latest firmware.

Take out the installation CD that came with your iPod. Run it and it should install the old iPod updater along with iTunes 6.x. iTunes 6.x cannot run since iTunes 7 changed your libary's formatting, but that will not be a problem. Run the Restore process in the old updater and it should be alright for you to start loading your stuff on again without problems.

Since iTunes 7 reformatted your libary listing, iTunes 6 will no longer work. However, you can still use it by reinstalling iTunes 7. Just make sure you do the following.


iTunes 7 is actually alright. It's the updater part of it that will screw up your iPod.

- iTunes 7 will tell you that a new iPod software version is available when you open it.
- Check the "Never Ask Again" box and click Don't Install.
- When you sync your iPod to your computer, NEVER touch the Version section when you're changing your iPod's settings. Everything else is alright to work with.
- Everything will work fine as long as you never update the iPod's software via iTunes, at least until the programmers can fix this issue in a later release or patch.

I hope this helps out a lot of you. Pretty lame of Apple to miss something this big during debugging.

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Custom, Windows XP
  • mikethebigo Calculating status...
    Listen to this person, he knows exactly what he's talking about. My unit had the freezing problem, the visual artifact problem, and eventually would only show a blank white screen after I had tinkered too long. Luckily I have another computer that I hadn't yet upgraded to itunes 7 and it had the last firmware upgrade before the itunes 7 one. From disk mode I was able to restore it to the previous firmware version, and now the ipod works perfectly.

    I too am almost disqusted with Apple for 1) missing this problem and 2) not letting people know!

    I wonder how many more people are going to have lots of problems so apple can protect their PR.

    Anyways, what would be really helpful would be if someone could upgrade the latest firmware installer before itunes 7 (it's an individual ipod updating program, not itunes 6.xx)somewhere on the internet so users could download it and do away with this evil 1.2 firmware.
    Dell XPS, Windows XP
  • Derek Overlock Level 3 Level 3 (520 points)

    If you revert to iTunes 6.

    For Windows you can go to C:\Documents and Settings\(User Name)\My Documents\iTunes\Previous iTunes Libraries

    and replace the iTunes library in the iTunes folder with the iTunes library in the 'Previous iTunes Libraries' folder.

    I haven't tested to see if this works. it may though.

    Hope this helps!!
    Compaq Presario S6300NX Desktop, HP Pavilion ZE1115 Notebook, Windows XP, 5th Gen Black Video iPod
  • ndahayo63 Calculating status...
    I have the same issue after updating to 1.2
    Why isn't Apple providing us with a fix instead of having to through these trial and error process. I just don't get it. Has apple acknowledged that there is a problem?
    Windows XP Pro
  • Phanatic Calculating status...
    Listen to this guy, he knows what he's doing. I had the exact same problem with my 5G, which is synched to my WinXp box and not my Macbook. Same exact problem, same exact solution. It's up and working again.
    Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
  • JDubya Calculating status...
    I tried this method, however, when I try to start iTunes I get an error message " the library is newer (or was created by) than this version of iTunes, and it won't let me proceed.
    Also, the restore function on my updater was just for the ipod, not iTunes (or am I missing something).
    Whaaazzzzup wit dat?

  • JDubya Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Update to the updater!
    By installing v7 iTunes, the database was restored. However, Still have the problem of mouse locking up when I plug in the USB cable to the ipod. hmmm, may be time to go to bed.......zzzzzzzz....zzzzzzz
  • ninja_pimp Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    good advice, will try this.

    why can't apple acknowledge this and flag it for all to see?

    it should be in red and further more the website should temporarily halt the download of itunes 7 since more and more ppl are gonna crash on this problem.

    whats disgusting apple has made no public anouncement of this issue or any signs in the forums to let ppl know they are aware of it.

    personally, never another ipod. i've bought 5 ipods but no more for me, gonan try a competitors brand now, for the shameless effort apple has done.
    pentium 4 2ghz w/ 1gb of ram, Windows XP Pro
  • amstanley Calculating status...
    when you say 'uninstall itunes 7', on a mac, how do you do that?
    do you just drag it into the trash or is there some special magic?

    this is one of those things that is easy on a pc becasue you have to do it so often, and hard on a mac because why would you ?
    g4 15" powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • Bobby Dragulescu Calculating status...
    Just so you guys know, I took my 60gb 5g iPod to my local Apple Store's Genius Bar today because of this problem. The guy immediately after me had the exact same problem on his 30gb.

    He took both of our iPods and did exactly this to both of them. So there you have it, this is the official solution.
    60GB 5G, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • LmpCml Calculating status...
    This many seem a little silly but how do you 'uninstall' iTunes 7??? Just on 'add/remove' programmes? because, I'm not getting an option to do so?

    Also, I have deleted it before & it made my problem worse.
    If I go down to the Regents street apple store, will they fix my problem there & then???

    Thanks for the help!! I'm off to university on Tuesday, 2 hours of travellling a day - I NEED MY IPOD!! LOL!
  • kjipoduser Calculating status...

    My ipod had the same in freezing and flashing the "Do not Disconnect" sign although Itunes7.0 tells me I can disconnect. So, I uninstalled 7.0, installed my original CD along with the updater and restored my ipod. I then went back and reinstalled 7.0. But how do I install iTunes 7 without the ipod update? When I open 7.0, it does not make any reference to a new iPod software version. How did you get to it to disable it?
    20 GB Click Wheel, Windows 2000
  • Emma Brown Calculating status...
    so can someone write a version of this for fixing the problem when you're using a mac instead of a pc? i have trashed itunes 7 but am unable to install an earlier version at all from the cd i got with my ipod or from a downloaded installer. this is so frustrating. i literally just got this ipod, my first one, a present... i've used it once and then updated with itunes 7... boom. is there anything i've missed in the computer that i need to trash in order to make itunes 6 installable again?
    G5, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
  • kique4u Calculating status...
    I have uninstalled iTunes 7

    I have downloaded the 1.0 Updater

    I get an "iPod Service Error message" when I try to run the 1.0 updater

    Any suggestions?
  • EDUMOL Calculating status...

    My iPOD Video 60GB has the same problems, and to solve them I restored the original settings (ver 1.1.1.).

    There is some version better than the 1.1.1., for iPod Video 60Gb, but different from 1.2 (fails a lot with freez problems)?.

    PD: the 1.1.1. version goes well.


    iPod video 60 Gb   Windows XP  
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