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my itunes is working fine, but when i click on the Music Store, a message pops up: COULD NOT COMPLETE THE MUSIC STORE REQUEST. THE STORE MAY BE BUSY. CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION OR TRY AGAIN LATER.

my internet is working fine, and my brother has a computer with itunes and his music store is loading properly. but i cannot figure out why mine isnt. it has been unable to connect for 3 days. and i have read other posts that talked about getting rid of firewall... i do not have a firewall program. and, i really dont want to have to uninstall/reinstall quicktime/itunes if possible.

can someone help me?

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    ashlay, I'm having the exact problem you are.

    I've never had a problem with the itunes store or even itunes in general, up until I Friday, I think it was, when I first got that message.

    I haven't done anything out of the ordinary since this happened, so like you, I'm clueless.

    Anyway, what version are you running?

    Well, hopefully itunes starts working or someone knows what's wrong.

    Let me know if you find out what to do.

    Take it easy.
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    hey! well, i dont know what version i have actually. its been awhile since ive updated itunes, so its definitely not the 7.2 or whatever and i dont even think its the 6.0.

    but yeah, same as you just all of a sudden it stopped working, hmmm....

    how do i figure out what version i have?
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    Hi ashlay, if you have Windows I dunno if it's the same as Mac, but for Mac when iTunes is open click on "iTunes" on the top bar and then "About iTunes" and it will have the version there.

    There was another post I found here and people were having the same problem that we are having, and some of them even had the newest version.

    If you want, you can view the thread here:

    On a side note, I've been reading about peoples' music getting messed up and hard drives failing, so I'm going to get an external hard drive, either online or on Black Friday, just in case iTunes messes anything else up.

    Well, I thought I had posted in that thread, but it hasn't appeared yet, but anyway, in my reply I said I was able to search for any music/tv show/movie, and I can sample it, though I haven't tried to buy anything since the problems started.

    Everything is functional except for the home page that you typically get when clicking on home, which of course results in our error message.

    Hope this can get fixed soon...
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    yeahh i have windows. so theres nothing on my top bar that says itunes. but you are so right, everything in the music store does work except the home page. and yes i can actually buy the songs & they work fine.

    thank you! i hadnt even though about searching for stuff i just assumed the whole music store wasn't working. well hopefully its just a problem with itunes and they can fix it later.

    otherwise, thank you and good luck with your itunes as well! let me know if you hear anything else.

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    I just tried going to my shopping cart in the drop down menu under Music store in my iTunes - the music store link itself was not working for two days. Well, there I was at my shopping cart and then able to search iTunes and buy music. Hope this helps. Both out Mac and out Dell PC with XP have had this issue.
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    I'm having the same problem, but I figured out a way to get to the music store, while signed on to this message board I opened Itunes, went to podcast,right under your library, then when that opened clicked music on the left hand side, and the music store came up. I am using version 6. All I can say is there losing a lot of money, I hope they fix there issues soon.
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    catspec and phicks, thanks for giving people here different suggestions to help them with their iTunes store problems.

    For me, I just entered whatever I wanted in the search field, and it would come up.

    But yesterday, after 5 days of not being able to connect to the Music Store through iTunes, I was able to connect.

    Post any solutions you find that might help someone out...
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    hey guys, what is the music store, someone told me to go to it but i dunno what it is.
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    Hey Nancy Drew wanna be, I replied to your post, but I dunno if it showed up.

    Anyway, take a look at this:


    Where it says, "iTunes Store," that is what you want to click on in whatever version of iTunes you have.

    (If you have an older version like me, it'll say "Music Store" instead of "iTunes Store."

    If it is working, you are fine.

    If not, click "OK" if it has an error message.

    If that is the case, you won't be connecting to the homepage.

    Instead, where it says "Search iTunes Store," (or "Search Music Store") in the field above it, enter in what it is you are searching for.

    If your case is like ashlay's and mine, the results should appear, and you should be able to sample and purchase what you want to.

    If you need more help or your problem is fixed, let us know.

    Take it easy...
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    Hi again Nancy Drew, (this was copied and pasted from your other thread I replied to) if you don't have iTunes, you'll need to go here:


    If you already have iTunes, then this thread can help.

    I tried to respond but you have a few posts going; it's getting confusing

    Someone here will be able to get you on the right track; you'll be buying music on iTunes and destroying your eardrums in no time...
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    YAY its working again for me
    after a few days of being unable to open the music store
    i was finally able to connect.

    must have been a problem with itunes, since i wasnt the only one having this problem. looks like my question was answered.

    thanks guys<3
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    must have been a problem with itunes.
    everythings working fine now.
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    Iv had the same problem as all of you and tried your different suggestions and nothing happend, except the same message popped up.