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Since installing BootCamp, Windows XP, and Norton Anti-virus on my Mac Pro, one of my disc partitions will not show up on the Mac desktop. It's a Mac partition, on a second internal HD, the HD without Windows. It's one of 4 Mac partitions on that drive.

Weird thing is, the partition shows up in Disk Utility, but not with a HD icon, but as a blank document. When i unmount it, it becomes a hard drive icon but when i remount it, it becomes a blank document icon again. It verifies okay...AND it shows up, and is accessible in Windows (via MediaFour's MacDrive software)...Also, I used DiskWarrior on it, by accessing it from a G4 powerbook. DiskWarrior thinks it's healthy. It just will not show up on the mac desktop.

any thoughts are appreciated


MacPro 2.66G, G4 Powerbook, Mac OS X (10.4.8)