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i know within the book you can make a page a blank page with no photos, however i am using the contemporary template and you can have the option of three photos on a page. i like the way it looks with one photo all the way to the left and the other two spaces left blank. the problem is, the other spaces are left gray. will they print gray? will they print white? will it be auto adjusted for me when printed? i tried highlighting these areas and going to "blank" but it made the whole page blank.

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    I have read that blank spaces will be left blank, with no outline or other sign that anything is missing. You can check for yourself exactly how your book will be printed by creating a PDF to look over. With your book open, go to File > Print. When the print dialog box opens, click on the PDF button for the drop-down menu and choose Save PDF. You can examine the file to see how it will be printed at Apple, since it is the PDF that gets uploaded to them when you order your book.
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    That is absolutely correct. Only the photos you put on the page will be printed, and the gray spaces for the others will just be the page background.

    I can speak only to the large hardbound books as those are all that I have ordered, but I have used several different themes with the same nice results.
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    I tried also to leave some pages gray. Actually, I wanted them to be gray! But when the book arrived these gray pages were white...
    I am very sorry that it is not possible to choose another background color. For me it would be very nice to have this possiblity.
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    Actually, it IS possibly to plain print gray pages or any color you like. Using Photoshop or any similar program, create a new document that is the size of your book pages, such as 11 by 8.5 (Photoshop command File>New...), fill the page with a solid color or anything you like (Layer>New Fill Layer>Solid Color...), then save the document as a JPG or other standard image format (File>Save As...). Then go back to iPhoto and import the colored page you just created (File>Import to Library...). Drag the imported page into your book and place it wherever you like. Similarly, you can print book pages with textures, stripes, pink polka dots, or any design you can imagine. Have fun!