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Cathy Bekian Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
Would somebody please explain what a Fire Wire is, or does. It is a requirement that I have FireWire before upgrading to OS 4.0, but the computer system profile says there is none active.

eMac, Mac OS X (10.2.x)
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    Neil Irwin Level 1 Level 1 (135 points)
    Fire Wire is a kind of connection for computer peripherals like external hard drives and so on. It's similar to USB but was introduced in the late 1990s when USB was much slower. It's really not that popular now that USB 2 has come along.
    If you're using an eMac, you can see the Fire Wire connections on the righthand side, marked with a "Y" shaped symbol.
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    PT Level 7 Level 7 (20,880 points)
    To add to Neil's comments. Firewire is still the only choice for DV format video as USB2 is not suitable for digital video transfer from a DV camcorder.

    Anyway, first thing you want to do is go into System profile and check if you see the Firewire ports or not. Apple menu -> About this Mac -> More Info... then expand the hardware section and you should see an item for Firewire. Click that and see if it reports a Firewire bus or doesn't see one.

    If you are not seeing the Firewire ports on your eMac, the chip set might be in a unknown state, which happens sometimes. To fix try resetting them but removing all power from the eMac. See, if you turn off the eMac, power is still applied to the motherboard, so the chip set can remain in a funky state. So shut down the computer and then UNPLUG the wall cable so the eMac is not tethered to the mains plug in any way. Likewise, unplug all the cables from the side of the eMac except the keyboard and mouse. Now let it sit unplugged for a good ten minutes or so to allow all those internal capacitors time to discharge.

    Now plug the mains plug back into the wall, power up the eMac and then you should be able to go into the system profiler and see if you can now see the Firewire ports.