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Just installed my Airport Extreme. Piece of cake. But, I have a Tandberg 880 videoconferencing system hardwired to port 1. can set up video calls and xmit video/audio but not receive any. have opened and assigned all of the ports required (i hope) to the VCU adddress but no luck. any suggestions.

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    Make sure that you have NAT, or network address translation, turned on your Tandberg so that it tells the endpoint it connects with that it's transmitting from the IP address of your router (either cable modem or DSL router WAN address).
    Which ports do you sepcifically have forwarded to your Tandberg? Make sure that you've narrowed down the TCP and UDP ports on the Tandberg, so that it doesn't use like 30000 ports. This can be found under network firewall settings on the Tandberg.
    Then on your airport base station, you'll want to make sure that there is no firewall turned on. Or if it is on, that it allows for traffice over said ports.
    Then, make sure forwarding the base station is forwarding to the IP address of the Tandberg over those ports you set on it previously. In addition to those, you'll also want port TCP 1720 open for h.323 setup.

    For me, my endpoint is using TCP ports 1720, 30000-30099 and UDP ports 5000-5009
    But these could be any that you choose to set on your Tandberg. On the Polycoms it is called setting fixed ports.

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    Thanks, had to change the router address in the Tandberg NAT Tried to use what is identified as the router address under the PPOE section of the config base station. changed that to the top address (IP address) and it worked. my address range is up to 5556