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Help. After restarting the server, no "services' are available. Server monitor (running on another computer on the LAN) says there is no memory, no harddrive, and no processors, but reports the fans, blowers, temperature, and power supplies to all be normal. Server Administration program says it can not connect to the server. Apple Remote Desktop reports the same problem.

The first sign of a problem was that two external firewire drives connected to the server did not show up on the Apple Remote Desktop for the server, although both were connected and running. The Disk Utility program on the server also did not show the drives. However, when I ran System Profiler (using Remote Desktop) both external drives were identified. I selected Restart from Apple Remote Desktop to try to solve missing firewire drives problem, but once the restart was done, nothing can see the server but the Server Monitor program, and it reports, as I said earlier, that the server has no hard-drives, no memory modules, and no processors. No server services appear to be available either. No file sharing, and, since the LAN internet connection goes through the server, no internet. (I am sending this from another LAN not connected to the LAN with the X-serve problem.)

Intel X-Serve   Mac OS X (10.4.8)