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I have hooked up my macbook by mini-DVI to DVI to a Westinghouse 27" LCD HDTV with a maximum resolution of 1360 x 768. I can scale through all the lower resolutions with no issues, but when I select 1360 x 768, I have a column of pixels missing (I'm guessing 1360-1024 =336 pixels wide) near the left-hand side of the display. You can easily tell as the background has a break point, and part of a given window disappears as it passes over this zone. Has anyone seen this before? Is it an intel video chip bug? I've tried two different DVI cables with the same results. All other pictures look fine from other inputs.

Black Macbook, 2GB, 80 GB, Mac OS X (10.4.8), Westinghouse 27w6
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    Hi, I have the Westinghouse LVM-42w2 and the image was shifted to the left. Using SwitchResX you can shift the image to the right using the Quick Change navigational buttons. This decreases the front porch (while naturally increasing the back porch).

    After you apply the changes, it may prompt you to restart before the new settings can be applied. You can reset the image by unplugging the mini-DVI cable and plugging it back in.

    Just keep shifting the image by a few pixels until it's perfectly centered.