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I am a new Mac convert and am loving it, but getting my Windows machine to make a decent printout has been painful. I have read just about every resource of cross platform printing. I need to print from my Windows machine to my Canon MP780. I got this working by installing Bonjour and running the Printer Setup Wizard and selecting the Generic PS Printer.

The problem is...I want to use the Canon drivers so I can make the most of my printer. I know how to select the driver, but when I do, like most people I have read about, it sends the job away, but we never see a printout. I even see that it is a completed job on my Mac.

When I do get it to work with the generic driver, the printout looks horrible. It is a faded color printout. When I print from the Mac...pure beauty!

So my question is...has anyone (especially Canon Multifunction Printer owners) been able to make Bonjour printing work on Windows using their printer's own drivers, or has everyone simply been settling for Generic PS Printer?

btw...I have tried changing the advanced setting to "print directly to printer". I don't have any firewall issues.

Do you think I would be any better off getting an Airport Extreme 802.11n and hooking it up to that, or will I see the same results?

Sorry for the lengthy post...I appreciate any replies.



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