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I recently downloaded a ton of music files that have .ogg extensions. These play in iTunes but do not transfer and play on my iPod. Does anyone know a way to make these play or a good Mac app that can convert them to an acceptable format?

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    go to versiontracker and search for "ogg convert" several apps show up claiming to be able to convert to other formats.

    (Hopefully these are live boots and not pirated commercial releases)
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    Max is a great app for converting audio formats.
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    I am running iTunes on Windows XP and am also looking for a way to convert all my .ogg files so they'll play on my new iPod Nano. (I already sent feedback to Apple requesting that they solve my problem simply by supporting .ogg.) Any suggestions? I have a Linux box, too, and I'll do it there if no one has any better suggestions.

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    Here's an update to my own situation. I tried the Switch Sound File Conversion Software (Windows). It successfully converted my .ogg files, but it didn't convert any of the meta data. I gave up and am re-ripping my CDs via iTunes.

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