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I prepared a DVD using Maintosh Universal format. I have sent this to a friend in Canada and he says he cannot play it on his Windows XP pro with SP 2. I have tried on my PC with Windows media Player but it also say not compatable. It will play on any DVD player however.
What does one have to add in order to play this on a PC please. I did try downloading Quicktime but it did not come up a contender to play it!

Can anyone help please


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    The problem could be two main things: the format in which it is saved in or the encoding. Windows will hardly ever decode Mac products, especially if they are in a Mac format. There are some solutions to some of the compatability issues between the two OS but not many.

    The encoding is another issue. Guys in the US and Canada use NTSC encoding. The UK and most other European places use PAL encoding. Because your friend cannot play the DVD on his XP it is possible that his DVD player on his computer is a European one or even worse... (I can't really say this cause I am British) ...one from the UK. The European DVD players will play PAL B/G these are the usual PAL formats. The UK has to be difficult and it came up with it's own PAL format, PAL I. NTSC DVDs will NOT play on PAL DVD players. PAL DVDs will NOT play on NTSC DVD players. I have come across issues where PAL I DVDs will not play on PAL B/G DVD players.

    Now your DVD should play (as you said) on all DVD players - however they are external DVD players, not on a PC or Mac. So basically, if it is an encoding issue (PAL or NTSC) then your friend will not be able to play the DVD on his computer. If it is a format issue, then there may be some possible way around it, but my advise is to just play the DVD on a DVD player through his TV.
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    thanks for the rely it is much appreciated. Yes I suspect that he has an NTSC Player. I have Final Cut Hd and wonder if I can re burnna disc in the correct NTSC format. Do you happen to know ?

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    Unless you have a NTSC DVD burner then you won't be able to burn your DVD into NTSC format. If you think you may have burnt it in PAL, then you will have used a PAL DVD burner. The two usually don't really interact with each other.

    Yeah, the software that you use shouldn't make a difference, unless you have a PAL and NTSC compatible DVD burner (These are starting to become more commonplace now). In that case, if you open up the software, look in it's settings/options/whatever, and under the output format/DVD burning/something like that, and check to see what the TV standard is. Change it to whatever you need, and viola!

    I don't know if Final Cut supports this, but I should think that it will, simply because it is a relatively new piece of software.
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    and thanks for that. You have extremely helpful, where would we all be without information exchange.


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    The PAL/NTSC issue is irrelevant here as he is playing this on a computer monitor.

    You burned it in a Machintosh format which is the issue. Windows will not recognize this format (HFS or HFS+). You need to either burn it in UDF or CDFS format.
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    thanks for the info but I am not toatlly clear.

    1) I unerstand if I burnt the DVD in a PAL ( Apple G5) drive it is going to be PAL ( is that correct?).

    2) I also burnt it universal format PC/MAC so why cant he see it on his PC ?

    3) I Have Final cut HD which produced the movie as a Q/Time movie and then burnt via iDVD.

    4) Hey I might be getting confused with CD'S and Toast as it asks if I want to Mac/PC and thats not anything to do with iDVD.

    5)So given I have all things in 3, how can I produce an NTSC version using iDVD. Does iDVD do this and or do I need a special NTSC burner and not just my G5 ?

    Questions questions the world is full of them !!

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    In Final Cut, when you go to get your iDVD burnt, there should be an option as to which format you want to export it as. If there isn't then go back to the options and search in there as it should have an option as to which format it should be burnt in.

    Also, what Trevor Seward said about UDF/CDFS and HFS is another issue that could be the problem. Windows does indeed use UDF or CDFS and I believe that Apple use HFS and they are not compatible with each other.

    So the most simple solution would be to burn your DVD on your PC. (You previously mentioned that you had a PC) That way, there won't be the compatibility issues between Apple and Microsoft. If you don't have a DVD burner on your PC then nevermind, but it was worth a shot.