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ok one day i opened my iTunes and it had deleted all my playlists....it then proceeded to "create" my library....in doing so it began to get every song that was on my computer including those songs that are other people's who share this computer...

what happend here and how can i fix it???
please help me

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    POSSIBLY... someone deleted your iTunes library. Upon restarting, iTunes sees no library and asks "do you want iTunes to search for music files on this computer?" Upon clicking "yes" iTunes goes out and searches the entire volume for any and all appropriate audio files.

    I'm not sure how you have iTunes set up, but I would suggest clearing your library, then using the "Add Folder To Library" function in the File menu to add whatever music you want.

    You will likely have to recreate all of your playlists... unless someone just moved your library file to the recycle bin?

    FYI: You can back up playlists (and libraries) by "exporting" them as txt files. If someone did delete or move your iTunes library file, you may want to make "exporting" a habit.

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