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Does anyone one know of specific cameras with a passthrough feature?

I need to convert several VHS tapes to DVD. And I'm looking for a DV camera that will convert my analogue video tapes to digital on the fly. In other words I don't want a two-step procedure, and have to have to record to the dv camera first, and then import to imovie. I want to play the vcr into the dv camera, and have it converted on it's way into imovie in one step. Analogue-to-digital conversion on the fly.

Anybody know which cams can do this? Then I can make one-step dvds of all my old footage.



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    Sony cameras allow for this....
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    Canon Elura 80 "Pass Through" (Analog-Digital Converter)
    Canon Elura 85 "Pass Through" (Analog-Digital Converter)
    Canon Elura 90 "Pass Through" (Analog-Digital Converter)
    Canon Elura 100 "Pass Through" (Analog-Digital Converter)
    Canon Optura 30 "Pass Through"
    Canon Optura 40 "Pass Through"
    Canon Optura 50 "Pass Through"
    Canon Optura 60 "Pass Through"
    Canon Optura 400 "Pass Through"
    Canon Optura 500 "Pass Through"
    Canon Optura 600 "Pass Through"
    Canon ZR40 "Pass Through"
    Canon ZR200 "Pass Through"
    Canon ZR300 "Pass Through"
    Canon ZR700 "Pass Through" (Analog-Digital Converter)
    JVC GR-D70
    JVC GR-D90
    Panasonic PV-GS200 "Pass Through"
    Panasonic PV-GS250 "Pass Through"
    Panasonic PV-GS400 "Pass Through"
    Sony DCR-HC32
    Sony DCR-HC40 "Pass Through"
    Sony DCR-HC42 "Pass Through"
    Sony DCR-HC90 "Pass Through"
    Sony DCR-HC96 "Pass Through"

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    If you want to cut out the step of burning it to a mini dv tape, get the ADVC110 by Canopus which acts as a third party and lets you connect an anal. device to the computer so you can capture dvds or vhs onto Imovie or Final cut.
    You can get this thing at an apple store for 280$