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Here's a solution to the problem of importing and editing Sony's AVCHD files for edit on the mac. Credit to TechWizard. His podcast #11 does a great job of explaining his work.


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    Andy Mees Level 6 Level 6 (12,595 points)
    thanks for the post ... though seriously, those who bought an AVCHD camera and were shocked and/or surprised when it didn't work with their chosen NLE needs their heads testing!

    so at first glance this solution seems to require the purchase of more than US$400 of software? I might be missing something.
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    Mr. Mees, do I detect a hint of impatient impertinence here? I DO hope so. I do think that you, Jerry and David H. have some sort of ever-lasting gobstopper of patience coursing through your veins.

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    I like the description of the podcast:

    "So you took the plunge and bought Sony’s new AVC- HD format High Definition HDR- SR1 camcorder. You get it home and join the rest of us early adopters in the “Cant edit in Final Cut Pro Club” Thanks Sony or rather Apple."

    Uh...how the HECK is this Apple's fault? Sony came out with that camera, so blame Sony. Don't blame a company for NOT making something compatible with this consumer camera. CONSUMER...Final Cut PRO...


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    hey Zeb, that little hint is just the tip of my inner elitist iceberg mate
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    Here's the scenario:

    With an old Sony DCR-PC100E soon to be trashed due to tape failure, I wonder how to jump in to the modern world. I have a 1080p LCD TV and modern mac laptop with Parallels. I like the technology and price points of modern consumer camcorders, and want something small enough to go in a briefcase - so no pro camera for me. Application is filming day-to-day family stuff and recording jaunts in a small plane.

    I see 2 basic directions:

    1) Tape: Eg. Sony HDR-HC7 with iMovie or FCE.
    2) Disk: Eg. HDR-SR7 with FCP (TechWizard's setup)

    The tape solution works today with the simple apps, but for new money, is the mechanical/serial miniDV really the best option? Managing tapes is a hassle and the quality losses in transcoding and processing is a consideration.

    A disk solution allows a more modern interface to the computer, avoids the tape media, and (I think) allows the final product to retain as much quality as the camera records. It's a more expensive option, needing FCP (or would FCE do it?) and a slightly more expensive camera.

    At least Mr. TechWizard presents a sensible option now, and maybe Sony/Apple will make this easier as time passes.

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