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Curious as to any recommendations on how I can accomplish this.

We have PCC G4 MDD Server running 10.4.7 with 2 Volumes. SYSTEM RAID and DATA RAID. Each raid is comprised of 2 HD, in a RAID 1 configuration.

This setup is working great, but we are running out of space, and I want to start planning the upgrade of drives.

I was thinking about 4x250 GB IDE drives, and need to know the best way to replace the drives, without data loss/reinstall. We have 2 FW drives @ 500 GB each for BU.

I am confused/unsure about using a cloner (Super Duper, Carbon Copy Cloner) with RAIDed drives. Can I boot to an external OS, replace the drives, then clone over onto the RAID? Will the RAID still be there, but with different drives and larger size?

Ideally I want to have the larger drives in the server, with the same data, and not have to do much in the way of reinstalling, as I was not the one who set up the server, and it seems quirky, but working just fine...

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, including drive recommendations.


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    Clone a RAID volume to a FW HD (DiskUtility works fine, btw). Next, boot to the cloned FW HD to make sure it worked. Put in your new internal HD's and format them, setup RAIDs, or whatever. Then you can boot from an install CD and run DiskUtility to copy the FW HD to the internal HD's.

    Make sense?
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    Yes it does, mostly.

    I have not set up a RAID in D/U before, but seems straight forward.
    When creating the RAID1, should I leave the RAID block Size @ 32? and should I have the RAID mirror AutoRebuild checked?
    When I clone back over to the new RAID will everything be as setup on the original system? (sharepoints, LDAP, etc?) I guess that is the definition of cloning, but I tend to over-think things too much hoping I can work out all the pitfalls before jumping in. I never thought I would be in charge of the data for my company in this way

    So I understand...
    So Clone both raids to a FW drive, on separate partitions, and verify they work. Shutdown, replace the drives, them somehow boot to an alternative OS (CD install discs or previous FW drive, or set server to boot into target mode on another machine? Ok if it is an Intel Mac?). Setup the two RAIDS naming them the exact same as before. Clone the data over to the new drives...All should be great, set my boot volume, then back up and running...with larger drives.

    Thanks again for your help. I get thrust into a position, then learn as I go...with help from those who know...


    Mac Pro 2.66 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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    You've got it.