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I just purchased the new Airport Extreme and the Iomega UltraMax Desktop Hard drive, 1TB. The hard drive has Raid options. I plugged the hard drive into the back of the Airport Extreme through USB and if I have the hard drive set up to be Mirrored (Raid 1), the hard drive will not show up on my desktop.

I switched the hard drive back to Striped (Raid 0) and it shows up. However, if I open the Airport Utility, the hard drive doesn't show up there. I also can't see the drive by going into the disk utility either so I can format the drive before using it.

Any idea why this doesn't work as Raid 1 through the Airport Extreme and then I'm puzzled with why it doesn't show up in the Airport Utility nor in the Disk Utility.

I want to be able to access this hard drive with a laptop eventually and I also want to make sure that I protect my data by using the Raid 1 option.

Can anyone please help me figure out these issues?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.8)