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I recently patched my computer through System Update and now I am having a tremendous amount of trouble connecting to local file shares, using Mail and Safari and just generally using my computer period.

Friday morning I restarted my computer and found that "MachineSettings" dylib was corrupt and it would not boot past the "LoginWindow." I did an archive and install and I'm back up and running but the keychain performance problems are back in full force this morning.

When I mount I get the "AFP Has Updated, Update Keychains?" dialog and I tell it to do so. When the login window finally appears ( about 3-5 minutes later ) for the shared volume, my password is missing from the dialog. After typing in my password and mounting the volume, the progress bar for the mount operation sticks on my screen for another minute or two and then disappears.

Five to ten minutes later, I'll be working in Pages or Mail and another AFP Keychain update dialog will appear. Telling it to update my keychain it clears immediately and opens another Finder window on my shared volume.

Is something massively wrong with the latest security update? Am I the only person experiencing this problem? My MacBook is nearly unusable half the time as some "other" application is taking 100% of both cpus doing something.

Please help!

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.9), 2gb Ram, 50% HD Usage