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Guys, have new 8core MP and have been searching/"googling" trying to find that .app or widget that the Apple guys were showing at NAB2007 on their booth?

The widget or .app has a UI that displays ALL THE CORES as separate and independant tachometers / gauges and I like man found this to be very cool.

However, I cant find this anywhere. THe "tacho" style widgets at the apple d/l page such as CPUTACH, iSTAT etc, only show a SINGLE GAUGE that does not permit parameters to be entered (that I could see) to get all 8 cores (or any separate or specific core/cpu) to be in the heads up display (hud).

And worse, one of the seems to report a SUMMATION of all the active CPUS. Even when the DUAL QUAD is idle , the CPU GUAGE on one widget PINGs at its maximum.. so quite inaccurate.

I use Activity montitor all he time (with the vertical bar cpu display) as cmd+5 ..

Its not a show stopper for me but I would like to know where to get this neat .app or widget that Apple used at NAB to how the 8 cores are running.


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