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I have a iBook G4 14-inch. Its power button protrudes above the surface of the bottom panel. When the ibook is turned off and closed, the top bezel will press down into the button if the ibook is pressed together,such as being placed inside a case. This is my only ibook (have a PB alum and 2 pismos) so I cannot determine if the button should protrude above the surrounding panel. The ones on the pismos are recessed. When we pack the ibook, we have to remove the battery to keep it from booting up (and then have to reset the clock when it's up because there is no PRAM battery).

I have taken this ibook apart several times to replace parts (including a complete new display) so I cannot be sure how the high thebutton should be. Thanks.

PB G4 1.33 15 Aluminum    

iBook G4 1.33 14-inch, Mac OS X (10.4.9)