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I have been searching everywhere for a soft case (like an iPod skin) for my Macbook. I have seen the decals, skintz, silicone keyboard/trackpad covers, skinit, bestskinsever, etc. I even had the new Speck clear hard case, but it was quite uncomfortable on my wrists and scratched the side of my display. All I am looking for is what is found in these two links:

This is the website - in China

This is a picture

In order to purchase, it appears that you need to be a distributor (minimum purchase of 300-1000!) or you want 1 case with 299 spares...

I have emailed their contact people to no avail. I have checked every site and tried every search I could think of.

Help, please??? Has anyone seen anything like this available for purchase? Thanks so much in advance!!!

(And BTW, my last name is Graham; hence the "Graham Cracker" ID - yes, yes, I know...bad choice...)

MacBook C2D, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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