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Hello everybody!

I'm a new member of the Mac family. I'm so happy I bought my Mac Book last friday. The 2.0 GB one.

Everything was reaaaalluy good until tuesday morning.

I don't have Internet at home, I mean I haven't hired an Internet service... But AirPort just caught these 2 wireless open networks showing 2 or 3 signal bars, that immediately allowed me to connect to the Internet and use everything online: Firefox, Messenger, Mail and iTunes AT GREAT SPEED!! It was really a "bullet", as we say here in Chile, and I was soooo happy!!... BUT!!! After I used it for the last time on Monday night until 1.30 am aprox., next tuesday morning I tried to surf the web and although AirPort was connected to one the same open network I was using just hours ago, and it was showing like 3 bars, Internet wouldn't work at all... it didn't even try to search the pages or anything... The response was automatic: Firefox couldn't find the page... And no matter how many bars AirPort had, all of a sudden I wasn't able to connect to any website on the Internet. iTunes or Messenger didn't work either... ANYMORE.

I thought it was a problem of that network, so I tried the other one and same thing... And I've been like that since then... I've tried everyday at different hours and nothing.

I followed the instructions to use the Assist Me tool and the Diagnosis, but it only shows me green dots for everything, save the Internet and Server dots which are totally red. And it says that the assistant cannot fix the problem.

I really can't understand how, after 3 days using high-speed Internet, MacBook lost its ability connect to it and just overnight!! I swear I didn't move anything or changed any settings... Do you know what can happen??

I don't know what to do... it's really frustrating.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Mac Book MB061, Mac OS X (10.4)