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Hi everyone. Let me first say I am in love with iPhone. I can't believe it, I use this device everywhere. I have it playing on my care stereo while I'm driving, I'm surfing the web during breaks at work while listening to the iPod portion of the phone. This device is an all in one that allows you to replace multiple devices, and use just one. It's wonderful. It is revolutionary. I feel like I am 5 years in advance when navigating it.

Just a couple of concerns I have. I notice that Safari will shut off on me sometimes and take me back to the home screen. Also, if I am playing the iPod while surfing Safari, sometimes the iPod will just stop for no apparent reason. I've also had Google Maps shut off on me as well. I did a small reset, by just powering off the device and powering it back on, and so far it hasn't crashed yet. I notice that it starts doing this after you start running multiple applications, such as having Safari open, then opening up the iPod, then opening up Google Maps later, then maybe going to the calculator, etc. I mean, I love the phone. It is the best thing I've ever owned I think. Do you think we will have a software update in the future where these bugs will be fixed. I've heard of others having similar issues, could it be my device? I'd hate it if they said they were gonna release a new hardware version of the iPhone and we'd have to go shell out another $600 to get a better device. I don't think they'd do that, but you never know. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thank you.