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Hey, I've been getting a STOP error when I try to sync iTunes with my iPod. It's an error of the worst type: The "Blue Screen of Death"

To be more precise, this particular was when I was trying to import music into iTunes, but similar errors happen when trying to sync with my iPod.

At the top of the blue screen, it shows APCINDEXMISMATCH

Below, it shows:
STOP: 0x00000001 (0x81D3985A, 0x00000000, 0xFFFF0000, 0x00000000)


I've tried a hard reset of my iPod with some success, but eventually the error (or something similar) comes back.

Windows Vista
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    That's my problem too...
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    It's to do with a driver error. I had a long time ago where I thought it was iTunes, until it happened a few times whilst it was just idle on my desktop.

    Turned out... my keyboard had gone faulty and XP had the driver stuck in a loop. The only way it knows how to stop a loop, it the blue screen of death. Look into your hardware. If you have a spare keyboard around, give it a try. Although the message is normally related to graphics
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    Well, my problem has never appeared outside of iTunes. My keyboard has never given me any troubles in the lifetime of my computer, so I doubt it's that. It doesn't sound like the troubles I'm having are similar to yours.

    I guess I'll find out if it's hardware when I upgrade my motherboard, which I plan to do soon.

    Strange, however, that it would only happen in iTunes if it were a hardware problem.
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    It's definitely a driver problem. The only way to "score" a bluescreen is a driver error / hardware problem. Try to update your USB-drivers (the right ones - NOT WIN-XP-DRIVERS). And update your iTunes too - maybe the error is caused by the way the iPodService interacts with the USB- and iPod-Driver.
    Something further: Does it only appear in your User-account or also in the Administrator-account? Maybe then it's a problem of the rights-management to the access to the drivers. But that's only a far-away-idea.
    Good luck!
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    You're absolutely right it was drivers - IT WAS APPLE'S DRIVERS! You know, the drivers that connect my iPod to iTunes.

    Latest iTunes update seems to have fixed it. No BSODs since the last iTunes update.
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    where can I get this driver you're talking about?

    I also had the same problem.. instead of updating the driver you mentioned.. i updated the BIOS through the Dell Website.. it appears to be fine now..but im afraid to test it and try and sync a big amount of files.
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    But if you're afraid to test it, you'll never see if it works. I'm afraid to say that you have little chance - you will have to sync your files to see how it works. But if you do that and this bluescreen appears, you'll not loose your files - it's a bluescreen, not a virus...
    So test it and post again...
    Good luck!