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I just downloaded and installed the new security update for OS10.3.9 today and since doing so, the menu bar has disappeared. I've tried going to System Preferences to manually turn back on the missing items (e.g. airport, volume, ethernet connect etc.), but even after checking the boxes, the items fail to reappear in the menu bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Powerbook G4 1.33GHz, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    Hi Alex

    That's no good. Do a restart, that may restore your menu bar, then afterwards *Repair Permissions* using *Disk Utility*. found in Applications/Utilities.

    regards roam
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    Hey Roam,

    I tried restarting the machine once the problem started but that didn't help. I also followed your advice about repairing permissions, but that didn't work either. Any other suggestions?

    Thanks again,

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    Do you have any third party add-on that is intended to appear in the menu bar? Uninstall or disengage it for now.

    If a restart didn't fix it you can do several things. In order from quickest to longest:

    1. Create a new user in Accounts just for testing purposes, log out and log into that new account and see if the menu bar appears there. If that doesn't work then;

    2. In your Home folder, go to Library, then Preferences, and locate the file com.apple.finder.plist and drag it to the trash. Log out and log back in again. If that doesn't work then;

    3. Run Repair Disk from the Install CD.

    To do this: Insert the Install Disk 1 into the drive and then select Restart; when you hear the chime hold down C key until the apple logo appears.
    This will take you to the installation software, but you do not want to install.
    Select your language, then go up to the top menu bar to Utilities in 10.4 (or Installer in 10.3) and navigate to the Disk Utilities application.
    Select the start up drive, then follow the instructions in the First Aid pane where you can click on Repair Disk.
    If it finds errors, repeat the process until it reports no errors.
    After these repairs, quit the application, and restart normally.

    Once restarted normally run Repair Permissions. from the Disk Utility application found on your hard drive in Application/Utilities.

    regards roam
  • 4. Key commands
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    Should have mentioned, that without the menu bar, copy these down to enact the changes above.

    *Shift + Command + Q* is for Log Out
    *Control + Eject* is for Restart, Sleep Shutdown dialogue box
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    Sorry, was away for the last couple of weeks. I tried the first two steps without any luck, although I can't try your third suggestion just now as I'm living away from home just now and don't have access to my CDs... Will try going to an Apple store sometime soon, though thanks for all your help!

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    Hi Alex

    If you don't have your disks at hand try this, as it relates to the menu bar.
    Trash the file com.apple.systemuiserver.plist
    found in ~/Library/Preferences.

    Then Restart the machine and see if functionality is restored.