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Okay so here is what happened.
I started a website for my wife who is overseas with the Army. I took her old domain off her iBook and made an account for her on my Mac pro and threw her domain on the desktop of the new account.
I then updated it from there.
Everything was great.
I just updated to iLife 08 and did a quick update to her site and it worked fine. I closed iWeb and opened iPhoto and made a .mac web gallery.
Then I re-opened iWeb and it wanted to know where its domain was. Weird I thought, but pointed it to her domain on the desktop. It opened it fine but every page is missing all the elements of each page design template GONE. If I make a brand new page with the same template they are there but all her photo's, video's and the elements in the template are GONE.
Do I have to rebuild her website from scratch or is there anything I can do to fix this???? I am really frustrated right now so sorry if I come off as upset. I can't update her site until I figure out what is going on.
Thanks in advance,
Stephen Miller

2.66 Mac Pro 2gigs RAM ATI and 7300 cards; Powerbook G4 17in, Mac OS X (10.4.10)