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I'm currently looking at the 24" iMac, but the gpu is what's holding me back. I only care about one game running on the Mac and that's World of Warcraft. I was looking for some feedback on how it's running and at what settings, i.e., everything on high detail/max settings and FPS, etc. Can anyone post some detailed feedback?

My current gaming box is running a 7800GTX which blows the new iMac's cards away, but if the iMac can run around 60fps I could handle that...as long as it's with everything cranked up to the max.

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    I have the new 20' with the 2600 pro. I play WoW with all the settings set to full and best and get about 30 frames per second. I play alot and love it. I uses about 25 - 30% of the CPU.
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    Sorry, I"m getting 55-60 fps, don't know what I was seeing before.
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    fps vary greatly in WoW. Go back to the supression room and your fps will drop to 7-10. ;0
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    I have a 24" 2.33ghz iMac 3gb RAM and 256mb video and WOW is blazing fast. At 1920x1200 on a good day I get over 80fps.

    Remember frame rate on WOW is not just video card it is also down to server lag. You can have the fastest video card in the world and if the server is laggy the frame rate will be well down.

    The mac blows away my games PC's when it come to driving my LVL70 warrior around!

    Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
    Type: Display
    Bus: PCIe
    VRAM (Total): 256 MB
    Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)
    Device ID: 0x0391
    Revision ID: 0x00a1
    ROM Revision: 3022
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    The new gpus rocks... but Apple need to polish the drivers... indeed some game benchmark show new models slower than the newer.... wait for new drivers/update and i'm sure new iMac will own the old models

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    I get 55-60 FPS in the original game and about 30-35 FPS in the Burning Crusade expansion. Even my card in my PC slowed down drastically when I went out to the new areas, though. Regardless, it runs great. I have only tried WoW and C&C3 on the card though.
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    It looks like the new 2.8GHz iMac is faster then even the 2.33 GHz with the GeForce 7600, at least at high resolutions (in WoW). Barefeats has updated their benchmarks with some data for WoW at 1920x1200:

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    I was very surprised by the final tests showing WOW to be quicker.

    Now of course WOW is less dependant on the video card than the other games mentioned. The faster processor could more than help push the less capable card ahead in this game.

    WOW is very sensitive to system memory. 2Gb+ is best for that game.
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    Updates - I have just updated mu promac with the latest software - and now my wow is running slowly - what do I have do?

    Is it possible that apple updates has changed my network settings? I am frustrated....it worked earlier and now WOW is running slow...

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    I'm thinkin about picking up the 20inch 24ghz Imac in a couple of days, and I know some people say that they can run on high, is that even in outlands? I don't want to be flying around and have my mac skipping like crazy lol. I have a mac mini right now and I need an upgrade badly!
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    well I picked up the 20in 2.4ghz a couple days ago and it runs WoW excellent! I got everything on to high and I'm dual screening, so I would totally recommend this computer if you want to play WoW on a mac!
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    I bought one of the new, aluminum 24" iMacs and loaded it with 4 GB of RAM. Running WoW in windowed mode, I get about 30 fps according to Titan Panel, and 15 fps in full screen mode. I'm very disappointed in the performance and hope that Leopard and driver updates will improve what I'm seeing.

    If anyone has any suggestions for improved performance, I'd love to hear them.

    The 17" iMac that I bought for my kids for Christmas runs much better! I get 50 to 60 fps on their machine running WoW in windowed mode and 30 to 40 fps full screen. That machine has 3 GB of RAM.
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    When WoW does run on my new iMac, it runs nice, low fps which gets me right now, and in SW, the skins of everything dissapears, as in other places as well. Like water will just turn bright blue, and sw walls and streets and other things turn blue. I have a serious prob. with my imac right now and I hae things on the lowest settings..what the..