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I just got a new gigabit Airport Extreme and it's awesome, I paired it up with a Vantec NexStar GX which sits perfectly underneath it with a 500GB drive and a built in hub with a printer plugged into it.

It all works flawlessly, however the drive never spins down. I was told at the apple store that this would not be a problem as the new firmware fixed this.
I found on the apple web site under the new 7.1 firmware - "Improved support for AirPort USB disk stability and power saving, disk read/write performance, disk file sharing and passwords" I made sure I had the latest firmware.

But the drives continues at full RPM, I'm worried about the shortened drive life and excess power used. Is there any way to fix this short of turning the drive off? Does any one know how the power saving features works I can't find any thing in the airport utility or in any documentation on it?

iMac Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.10)