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When I first started iMovie it wanted to import the clips from iPhoto. In the process of doing that it crashed. This was before I realized it already had an update. I updated it and started it again. It continued to import the clips but the ones it was apparently was working on are all screwed up and totally messed up the library. I want to have it start over and rebuild from scratch but I can't figure out how to get it to do it. Does anyone have any idea what I can delete, or any other option to get it to retry this?



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    I still haven't figured out what to do about this. I have poured through these posts and found mention of some iPhoto video formats not support and not imported but not my problem.

    It tried to import them and generate the thumbnails but it crashed wile doing it. So I have some movies in the library without Thumbnails the app barfs on and I can't figure out how to get it to try again. Everyone else seems to have the oposite problem, it wanting to rebuild all the time. I just want one more try at the rebuilding!

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    Quit iMovie '08 if it is open. Browse in the Finder to Home->Pictures. Right click (or Control-click) on the iPhoto Library and select "Show Package Contents". Inside the window that opens up, browse to Data->(The year your movie in iPhoto was made)->(The date your movie in iPhoto was made). Inside the folder with your movie's date as its name there is a Quicktime file. Move that file to the trash. Reopen iMovie '08 and it will recognize the missing thumbnails and rebuild them.

    You should only need to do this for the iPhoto movies that have screwed up thumbnails. All the others will continue to work as normal. (If you accidentally delete the wrong quicktime file, iMovie will recreate that one as well.) Also, be sure not to delete anything else inside your iPhoto library as it will screw up the way iPhoto displays things.