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I would like to buy an iPhone now, since the price is more managable for me, but i have a question first. Does anyone know if it will work with a CURRENT family plan? my line isnt the main line, its the 4th line on the family plan, but will it still work? the way i understood it is the only way an iPhone would work with a family plan is if you started a family plan with the iphone being the first line. any asnwers are appreciated

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    Yes, it will be just fine regardless of which user you are. We have had the family plan with my husband as the primary. I am the only one with an iphone and my bill is 29.95 -- 9.95 for my family plan service and 20 for the iphone package. You will be just fine.
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    I think you can, but the best way to find out is to call ATT.

    I was able to add my iPhone to my family plan by paying the $20 data plan, and cancelling my previous $7.99 data plan. But my phone was primary. They don't offer my family plan anymore, after the AT&T merger. They have a new set of family plans. But I was able to keep my old (more favorable) family plan with no problem.
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    Yes, you will be fine. We had three phones on our existing ATT family plan. We upgraded 2 to iPhones (the primary and one additional). The old MediaNet charges of $7.99 were removed and replaced with $20 iPhone data plans for the two iPhones. As I recall, this all happened automatically when we activated the phones. iTunes walks you through the entire process. You just answer the questions as they come up.