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Since I travel in Europe a lot, I have all of my contact phone numbers entered so that they work regardless of where I am: +xx yyyyyyyyy, where xx is the country code and yyyyyyyyy is the local number. If I get a call from a Spanish number while I am in France, for example, I see the contact name and picture for the caller. If I get a call from a Spanish caller while I am in Spain, I do not see the contact information because the number is displayed as (123) 456-789 but the contact details contain +34 123456789 as the number. With all of my Nokia phones this works correctly, but not with the iPhone. I'm not sure exactly how the Nokia is doing the matching internally, but maybe it tries a substring match if an exact match fails??? Are there any plans to fix this with a future firmware update?

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    as far as the caller ID however the network sees it and sends it to your phone thats what will display, is your nokia with att?

    as far as firmware update will be up to apple to release, but the only thing with that is whatever you get on your caller ID is from the network not the device.
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    Thanks for the reply. When I am in Spain, the Telefonica-Movistar network is sending me the local number 9999999. With my Nokia (same network) the correct contact data is displayed even though I have the number +34 999999 stored for this contact. It seems that the Nokia uses a looser match criteria when deciding which contact data to display.

    Neither my Nokia nor the iPhone are using ATT, they are both using the SIM from my Telefonica-Movistar account.
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    I do not believe this is entirely correct. If one puts a name in the iPhone contained contact list with the telephone number, you will normally get the name only displayed on the screen. When you go to the 'recent' screen in the phone the name will be displayed but when you depress the name, the actual phone number will be dialed.

    If I do not have a name and phone number in the iPhone contained contact list, all you get is the phone number. And the 'recent' screen will only display the phone number and not the name.
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    I had the opportunity to verify this behavior today, so I'm pretty sure that I'm describing the symptoms correctly. I was in Paris this morning and my wife called me from Spain. Since it was an international call, the CallerID was the full international number and her contact information (name and photo) was displayed on-screen while my iPhone was ringing. After I got home (to Spain) she rang again but this time the CallerID was displayed as (123) 456-789 and there was no display of her contact (name or photo). Since the iPhone was initially rolled out as a US only product (the displayed phone number is the way phone numbers in the US are typically formatted when written), I'm guessing that this use case was not part of the QA testing. If anyone from Apple is reading this, it might be a good idea to at least consider this situation before rolling the iPhone out to European markets, as announced today in London.
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    I'm not sure by any means, but it could be an issue with the international assist feature. If it is on, try turning it off to see if that makes a difference.

    Good luck...