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Hi All,

My emac has served me well for last 3 years and have now decided to upgrade it with 4 things.

1.) Ram - shall slot in 2 1GB sticks as it seems to work for many and would have obvious advantages
2.) Airport Card - since i have a wireless router and should be easy to install

Now this is where i am seeking help..

3.) Changing the Combo drive with a super drive ie burn DVDs as well in the future

How do i do it? Any prefered brand? Any caveats? Any think to look for?please advise

4.) Upgarding my internal HD (trying to avoide an external one to keep it neat)

I saw some instructions on forum and i think i would be up for the job, however

Can i use any standard internal HD or do i need to have a particular specs matched?
Whats the max i could go upto - can i install a 500 GB drive?
Can i use a faster HD - i mean with faster rpm

Lastly - if i carry all of the above Upgrade is it wise to do them all together since i open it any ways or do 1 at a time and see how it goes.

Any advise greatly appreciated.........

Many thanks in advance.

emac G4 1.25, 512 MB Ram