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We did this movie for a fund-raising event. We've made others like it in the past using iMovie 06.

We've been told by discriminating friends and even a film-industry person that this movie looks like it was done by a pro.

While there were certainly less transition effects and titles that were available, we found the UI very easy to use. This took exactly one calendar week and about 30 person hours to compose in iMovie 08 and we believe this is due to the mechanics of the UI that made it very easy. Here are some features we would like to see in iMovie 08 as a result of making this movie:

1. More transition effects
2. Overlay music patterns with video -- we found that it was difficult to time transitions without being able to visualize the music pattern in the same view
3. Improvements in the selection mechanism -- at times, clicking on a video or image would not select it, sometimes it did. Understanding the rules of selection became confusing
4. More text over-lays
5. Media browser does not always pick up photos added to iPhoto... several times we had to shut iMovie down and bring it back up just to view the newly added photos. And since this was the only way to add photos, it got annoying quickly.
6. Overall stability -- we understand it's a rewrite and fresh code, but it did crash more frequently than we've seen in any Mac application.
7. An export to iMovie 06 -- if Apple isn't going to add more transitions and/or text overlays, then we would like to see the ability to transition between iMovie 06 and iMovie 08. I realize it probably won't happen though, but it would be nice.

In general, we like it very much, are happy we bought it, but we probably will move to something more advanced like Final Cut.

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