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I have the Apple email Junk filter on. Stock settings. But now all of my sent mail is flagged as Junk. If I go through and click "Not Junk" on them, and then send an email again to someone, flagged Junk in sent mail. This is all email sent to people in my address book too.

Any ideas?

50% of the junk mail I get does go into the junk folder. The other 50% to my inbox.

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    David Gimeno Gost Level 7 Level 7 (20,775 points)
    Have you made any changes to the junk filter in Preferences > Junk Mail > Advanced? Try this:

    1. Go to Preferences > Junk Mail, disable junk mail filtering, then enable it again. This resets the rule that governs what the junk filter does.

    2. Choose either Training or Automatic mode (it doesn’t matter) and leave the other options checked. Click Advanced to see how the junk filter rule is defined now if you want, but don’t touch anything there.

    3. Reset the junk filter database (Preferences > Junk Mail > Reset).