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Sometimes when I am watching a video in either Quicktime or iTunes, or even just using Google Earth, I will get a bunch of yellow, blue, and red rectangles around my screen. They are semi-transparent and sometimes I can make them go away by moving stuff around on the screen.

This has been going on awhile, and while it's somewhat annoying, isn't that big of a deal. Today, I was doing a bunch of stuff in Google Earth, and this was happening, but then went further than ever before. The screen simply went black and nothing I did could bring it back up. After a force restart everything seems to be working, but I am wary of doing much.

Screens: http://nateperkins.com/randompics/video_problems/

So far I have tried:
~Running the hardware 'extensive' test on the OS X install disk.
~Used Rember to check my RAM.
~Reset my PRAM (CommandOption+PR on restart)

It was suggested to me that it might be the RAM on my video card, but I don't know how I would check that.

Suggestions on what it could be, how I could find out, and generally the best way to proceed?

MacBook Pro 15" 1.83, Mac OS X (10.4.10)