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Help! I have called all over New York City and the Apple Online Store for a new *Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter (for MacBook Pro-MA938LL/A).* I was told that it was impossible to order or that I would have to wait almost 6 weeks!!! What is wrong??!!! I plugged my computer directly in a wall socket and after a few minutes.....I saw and smelled smoke!! *The cord had MELTED near the power pack!! Another defect!!*
Two year ago, I purchased a Powerbook G4. There were problems with the cord slipping out of the computer. The MacBook Pro "solved" this problem with a magnet connection that falls out and now MELTS!
School starts this week and I cannot retrieve class programs because I can't start my computer!

MacBook Pro 15'', Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    I have the same issue in Southern California. The Apple store in San Diego basically told me I'm SOL for 4-6 weeks until the "new" power adapters are available for sale from the Apple Store either online or in person. (Well the second Apple Store said that the first one said go to the second one or just call back each day until we have them). It kind of ***** that Apple had to empty the channel of all the old adapters before they can actually sell the new ones. I'm left with a MacBook Pro that has the functionality of a paperweight until the new ones are out on the market.
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    I have the same problem. It just happened to me today. Plugged it in and while is was using the mac I noticed the light went off. As I was looking at it it went back on. I looked and noticed my cord had begun to melt where it meets the adapter. I unplugged it from my computer right away and disconnected the adapter. I wonder if there will be a recall. More chinese products of low quality? Not at all what I would have expected from Apple. Already had to go through two battery exchanges.
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    I have the same problem with my MacBook Power Adapter. It seems to be a common issue (see message 5342464&#5342464). I wonder if Apple is going to do something about it. Fortunately, i have been using a second adapter at work, so that I have a back-up. However, that does also mean that I (almost) never moved my adapter. I guess they are using cheap cords. Bummer -- makes a good concept completely useless.

    BTW: My 11 year old Toshiba NB power adapter still does its work.
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    Just wanted to chime in here and say, "Me too." I've had the MBP for just little over a year now but there has always been an odd bulge near the MagSafe adapter. It never gave me any problems until just a few days ago when I noticed the LED on the MagSafe would go out if I moved the cord around. I turned the MagSafe over and found that a small hole had melted in the casing, exposing a small amount of metal. I've since wrapped it in electrical tape and plan on calling Apple the first chance I get. Hopefully I'll be able to get a replacement at no charge when they become available.
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    strange, my mac book pro has just had same prob today and then i look here and you guys having same prob at same time, mine just over year old so not on warranty...guy at apple care support not seemingly aware of these posts or issues.....and didnt know about the "newer" power adapter . .
    is this out in th uk yet, does anyone know ?
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    Once I noticed that there was an odd wear mark near the magnet it took 3 days till it was completrly melted and shorting out. AS well as the rest of you I have found that there is a back order for this part and they say that this is the first that they have heard of this problem. I hope for a recall and a refund of a $85.00 part.
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    Well here is my 2 bits...
    About 4 weeks ago my magsafe melted right at the point where the cable meets the magsafe bit. First it seperated from its sheath then it melted. So I ordered the replacement part. Now being in Costa Rica I knew this would take time so yesterday I finally got the replacement. Brought it home and plugged it in to trickle charge for a full 24 hrs. The next day the light on the magsafe was green but to my surprise when I disconnected it from the magsafe the computer died. So I thought what the heck...flipped it over and pressed the battery button to see the strength and it wasnt reading anything and was ice cold. Now the battery has already been recalled as has the superdrive and now the magsafe (at my expense). So I am not sure what to do but I will be damned if i now have to have a MBP paperweight considering I just had to accept that fact last week with my bunk Xbox 360 with the RROD. Microsoft I can see and should have known better but Apple? I sure hope they cover this if there is damage created from the melted magsafe. What a headache.
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    any word on these new replacement power book chargers?
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    Same thing happened to me. Welcome to the club. I went to my local So. Cal Apple store and they were going to replace it for me. However, they didn't get any in stock for 3 weeks. I called Apple support and don't have AppleCare (bad idea, it is covered under it).

    They were able to ship me out one asap. Looks like the charge is $72.00.....or free if you point out that many people are having this prob, potentially a design flaw, blah, blah.
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    Another melted cord here. The machine is 15 months old and is absolutely vital for my business. 3 months ago my battery expanded (bulging out of the metal casing) and had to be replaced, and now the cord has apparently shorted - black and melted. Not knowing this was a common problem, I ran down to the Apple Store and was told that they were out, and there was a 2 week backorder. So I have no way to charge the computer I use for all my work. Everything is backed up to my desktop, but it's not really convenient to tote around my imac to see clients. :-<
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    Courtney A
    <if you have gotten any information on how to get a replacment please leave some info ae name and number of person who has said so.

    Still here waiting for part to be shipped 10'29´07

    thanks FRITZ
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    I'm in the same boat guys and gals - had my 17in macbook pro for about a year now and its gone and melted at the magsafe...

    its a necessity to have my laptop running on a consistant basis and i just noticed the other day the smell of smoke, the glowing ember of a cord under the white turned brown cord and the super hot magsafe magnet. its suffering now and im definately going to be out of commission if this issue isnt fixed soon, i can get it to work still <if i dont mind the smoke show> with some fiddling but thats really not worth the chance.

    funny note though that these computers seem to be bought around the same time, power adapters sticking to their ~1 year lifetime

    the power adapters are backordered at my local apple store <which the lady found puzzling when i called> so whence this battery dies, so shall i, or at least my ability to finish the projects ive been working on...

    good luck to you all!
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    Guys, guys, guys..

    If you need a new or replacement PSU for your MBP/PB and the local stores don't have them instock.. Why not try ebay? I'm pretty sure most cities have internet cafe's, no?
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    This is ridiculous. Apple refuses to replace your cord for free even though their faulty product almost caught my desk on fire and several important documents near my MBP. I'm sorry my laptop is more than 12 months old, but I would expect from a company so involved with design of their products to create something of a much higher quality, not such an unreliable, poorly designed/manufactured adapter. FIRE HAZARDS should be recalled immediately! This is reminiscent of the Dell battery problem... they recalled. Why should I have to pay $80 to replace an adapter that I haven't moved in 9 months?
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