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I have my MacBook Pro with about 4k photos and an iMac with another 2k photos. There are some that are the same, but many that are not. I don't have many adjustments to my photos.

I want to have the iMac as the primary Mac where I store and use Aperture. To clarify I want to get all the photos off of the laptop and on the iMac. So I am trying to find a way to sync the two libraries. I have not found any good solutions so far, even after many hours on google.

Has anyone run into this problem? Do you have any solutions or suggestions? I would like to hear.


AlBook 12 / Dual2.0G5 / iMac 20" IntelDuoCore, Mac OS X (10.4.4)
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    There presently is no way to synch libraries. You could house your library on a portable drive and simply move it between the two computers. You also could build the iMac library to house all your images and then copy the library to a portable drive on a regular basis.
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    Well, there seems to be one way ... kind of ... I haven't tried just read about it, see http://www.oreillynet.com/digitalmedia/blog/2007/10/synkadds_support_foraperture.html
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    What about exporting projects from one computer to another. Keeping the main library on your imac and when you need to take photos or add them, export them over a network.
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    Well, first I want to thank everyone for their suggestions.

    This is the price I pay for being unorganized about where to store photos. Pick one place and not the first Mac that you have handy. LOL

    I tried a couple of things such as exporting all of the photos from one Mac and then importing to the other - using tags to track down duplicates. There is just a lot of manual leg work in the end you can't seem to get around.

    I wound up using Synk Pro to make both libraries the same. I then just manually went through and deleted the duplicate photos. The manual deleting process is what I was trying to avoid, but in the end there just was no easy way to get around that fact.

    Synk Pro does work well if you want to keep both libraries the same - as I do now. It has a cool feature where it will crack open the Aperture package and actually sync the contents of sed package. It is the only application I have seen that will preform that function - and it does it quite well I might add.

    Again, thanks folks!
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    As you have discovered, Synchronize! Pro X works very well to do just what you said. It will sync any files or folders on different computers and I have been using an old version (3.4, I've never updated it as the company's update policy is not very end user friendly) to sync my documents between desktop and laptop. My current configuration is a MacBook Pro (2.4GHz) and a G5 desktop (dual 2.7GHz) -- I put the MacBook Pro into target mode and connect to the PowerMac via a firewire 800 cable. In addition to syncing my documents I also sync my Aperture library to keep them exactly the same on both computers. It works very well and means that I can actually back up to my vaults and link to referenced files (on removable disks) from either computer. It takes a little discipline to remember what I did last so that I don't change both the libraries between syncs, but I've got used to that and it doesn't generally cause me any problems. I use the PowerMac as my main Aperture computer and take the MacBook Pro travelling. Synchronize! Pro X seems to treat the Aperture library as a folder and only syncs the changed contents rather than the whole 25GB. This means that syncing rarely means copying more than a GB or so.
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    I would like to ask your opinion. I do not know the Sync program you use. I use Tri Backup to sync my folders. Do you think I may use it to sync the aperture.library ??
    I have 2 library which are slightly different on MacBookPro and iMac. The photos are refenced and are on a external FW Disk.
    The idea is to edit web jurnals on each of the 2 Mac and upload it to .Mac
    More... there is a way to Download a Web Jurnal already published to have it under Aperture and edit it ???
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    I have the same problem, I travel a lot and I can´t wait to get back home and get started working so I do it while I am on the road. And I cant seem to export my Library to my Imac, with master and version images.
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    The important thing with a backup program is that it should see the Aperture Library as a series of folders and not as a single file or you will be copying the whole library each time you sync (you can actually copy the whole library back and forward if you want to, but it tends to take a long time). Why don't you try Tri Backup and see if it works. I really don't know what will happen if you try to sync two libraries that have both changed. I am very careful not to change both between syncs.