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Well here i go. Today I hooked up my firewire external drives. I am in the process of cleaning and reorganizing. The drives did not mount. The deck was next to be hooked up and is not recognized?
Okay so next its the forums alot of info. too much for me. Zapped the pram rebooted numerous times. Shut down let everything rest unplugged everything rebooted and plugged everthing in, nooo go. One of the LaCie fwdrives does work in my Mac Book Pro, so I realize it is not the drive or the cable. Reset the pmu button. NADA.
Okay so now its off to Staples for that Belkin PCI Firewire card. Installed it nothing. The system profiler recognizes it but the drives don't mount, and Disk Utility does not see the drives. Called Belkin tech support and I don't even want to go there, no we diffently do not want to talk about that.. anyone had a similar problem I would greatly like to hear what you have to say. It is real obvious that I would like to have the ports....BOTH FW PORTS THAT SHIPPED WITH THE APPLE G 5 work, however I quess that will not be and it seems everyone just settles for the PCI workaround, I will also if I can get it to work.. Thanks. I'll need the practice for when my USB ports LUNCH...

G5 Dual 2g.--Mac book Pro 17--, Mac OS X (10.4.9), G5 2g.
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    Hi! A couple of observations. First was the pci card Mac compatible? Second some G5's have the pmu button on the motherboard while some do not so unplugging might not have reset the bus. Also sometimes changing slots on pci cards makes a difference. It is possible that the ports are fried on the MB. Tom
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    My PCI 800 firewire port card purchased from OWC worked fine until about a month ago--three weeks or so before Leopard came out--then it quit.

    I prammed and even installed Leopard thinking that would help.

    I went to the system profiler and clicked on "firewire" and the profiler crashed???

    I began having trouble with the hard drive sleep function about the same time adn I think about the same time I updated Tiger with Apple's latest updates.

    I am speculating--hoping--that maybe the last Tiger update had something to do with both the dead 800 firewire ports and the sleep function but no real answers--Apple programmers are you out there
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    Can you tell me where the button is on the motherboard of the G5--I tried changing slots and that does not work.

    Also, what is your take on my speculation that the Tiger update might be at play with the PCI malfunction and the sleep malfunction since both began happening about the time I last updated Tiger--both malfunctions now occur with Leopard.
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    This is so weird... we have the EXACT same problem here. Firewire 400 and 800 ports suddenly died on a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.3GHz (early 2005?) model. Tried resetting PRAM, reset the PMU, and unplugged it for 5 minutes, nothing. So we buy the Belkin FW800 PCI card. I install it today... and the G5 wouldn't boot up, it just sits there with a black screen. After swapping PCI slots and resetting the PMU again, it finally boots, but then I get a spinning beachball in the FireWire pane of Apple System Profiler. I disconnect the only FireWire device connected (a hard drive that's not showing up in Disk Utility), and then I get a kernel panic. The hard drive shows up fine via FireWire on other Macs, and it shows up fine on this PowerMac when connected via USB. So what gives? I think it's hardware related (bad logic board?) but who knows.
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    The reset button on my Dual G5 is down at the bottom of the MB - I think I had to pull the big fan to get to it - not sure tho. It's a little unit mounted on the actual board with a little teensy weensy white button.

    +A few minutes later...+

    I was curious if my memory still works so grabbed some better info:



    FWIW I'd been having problems capturing video from my Canon GL2 while maintaining a connection with my Echo Fireaudio 2 for the longest time and finally got it together to go and get a Firewire PCI due to the lame single firewire bus on the G5 that is expected to handle both FW400 AND FW800.

    Needless to say the Apple Store hadn't stocked a PCI card of any description for years and the neighboring Office Depot stopped selling them last Winter. UGH!!
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    Hello! For G5's with the button the MB pict is below. Tom

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    Any time you connect a Canon DV-Cam (XL2, GL2, etc) via Firewire to your G5, all other FW devices need to either be disconnected completely or powered off. This was not an issue up until one of the Tiger updates (10.4.5 if I remember correctly). Might take a couple of tries for the mini-DV cam to show up, so be patient.

    Quite frustrating, but this is the only workaround I know of at this time. My G5 even has extra FW400/800 buses with a PCI FireWire card...
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    Regarding having to disconnect every FW connection before hooking up a Canon (GL2 in my case) I'd figured it was my Echo AudioFire 2 FW audio box that was causing the strin on the system, but as you quite rightly pointed out it's the Canon.

    I just got back from buying a no brand "IEEE 1394A Card" from a local PC centric store and hooked the AudioFire up to it thinking it would end the problem, but as soon as I connected the GL2 the connection to my 1TB external LaCie was severed and my Lexar Professional card reader started flashing on and off (maybe it was flashing in sympathy with the pulses coming from the GL2 - a communication signal of some kind).

    Anyways, I now have the following connections which is working great:

    1. Firewire PCI card hooked up to the GL2 exclusively
    2. Built-in G5 Firewire (rear FW400 port) hooked up to the FW breakout cable on my Cinema Display.
    2a. (Cinema Display FW400 port 1) to Ext 1TB Lacie
    2b. (Cinema Display FW400 port 2) to Lexar Professional card readers' FW port 1 and then from port 2 to the Echo AudoFire 2.

    The only downside to this is that I was hoping to start using an iMac as my main machine but I can't now because I need two FW busses, and when I upgrade to a new Mac Pro I'll have to use up a PCI slot for the FW card.

    I'm surprised Apple's pro machines only have the 1 FW bus, and even stranger how FW400 and FW800 share the same bus!!!